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Whiskey & Wagyu

Wednesday June 21st & Friday June 23rd

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Join Chef Adam for an incredible night of Wagyu & Whiskey at 1818 Butcher +Market. This spectacular 7 Course Progression of Wagyu Tasting Menu along with the limited whiskey selection is a mouth watering and educational experience like no other! 


“Bread and Butter”

Black truffle Parker Roll – Bone Marrow & Wagyu Tallow Candle – Wagyu Jus

Truffle Wagyu Tartare

Texas Wagyu Eye Fillet – Shaved Summer Truffles – Smoked Oyster Aioli

Shallot – Caper – Pecorino – Prawn Crisp

Texas Wagyu Sando

Texas Gold Wagyu Strip Loin – Panko Crust – Katsu Sauce – Japanese Milk Bread



Japanese A5 Wagyu Short Rib Bolognese 

Ricotta Agnolotti – Aged Parmesan – Sage Cream

Japanese A5 Ribeye

Bone Marrow Potato Puree – Black Garlic Cream

Peppercorn Demi – Charred Broccolini

Wagyu Tallow Brownie

Charred Marshmallow – Foie Gras Crème Anglaise – Dark Chocolate Ganache



We selected & curated the following whiskey flights due to their boldness and ability to stand up to the richness of Wagyu beef. Their elevated alcohol level and fullness truly matches the intensity of Wagyu beef. A mature bourbon with the notes of caramel, oak and vanilla bourbon hold up and compliment a well-marbled cut, as does the peatiness of a Japanese style whisky. These following selections are sure to enhance your overall tasting experience. Enjoy!

Interesting Fact:

This list features whiskeys from around the world: Japan, United States- Kentucky, Vermont, Utah, Indiana. Flights are priced as ½ oz portions.


High Rye Bourbons: $13

Option 1:

Basil Hayden’s 

Sweet notes of caramel, vanilla and hints of charred oak and dried fruit

Four Roses Single Barrel 

Intense cinnamon, caramel. Hints of tobacco, ginger, smoke and clove. Aged 7-9 years; 100 proof

Four Roses Small Batch Select 

Herbal forward flavor profile. Aromas of clove, nutmeg and raspberries. Aged 6-7 years; 104 proof.


Rich & Bold: $13

Old Grand-Dad Bonded 

Nutty, oaky, soft spices

1792 Small Batch 

93.7 proof; bold, yet smooth.

George Remus Repeal Series III 

Nose: Saddle leather, nutmeg and honey. Palate: Rich caramel and baking spices


10 Year Bourbons: $18


Vanilla, Luxardo cherry, rich toffee, vanilla. Most comparable to Eagle Rare; however, not as sweet. 

Eagle Rare 

Very complex, yet approachable. Sweet bourbon notes, with a nice spicy finish. Toffee, flamed orange peel, leather, cherry, honey, tobacco


Single barrel offering; so flavor may vary from bottle to bottle. Dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow, marzipan, tobacco and peppercorn.


Japanese Whiskeys: $18

Nikka Coffey Grain 

Produced in Coffey stills which retains the character of the grains, aromas and flavors. Very difficult to operate and create an unconventional, creamy texture. Matured in old casks such as re-filled, remade and re-charred casks originally made from American Oak. Fruity flavors, vanilla, chamomile, spice, corn notes. Sweet and vibrant. 

Hibiki Harmony 

Blends together at least 10 malt and grain whiskies and five different cask types to create a pleasing, “harmonious” blend. Soft, round, elegant and fruity with peaks of floral notes. Notes of almond, dried fruit and nougat lead to spicy, complex finish

Yamazaki 12 

Single Malt and blended; just like Scotch. Spicy, vanilla, fruit (apricot, orange, pineapple), honeysuckle


Rye Whiskey: 

Option 1: Whistle Pig Flight $21

The distillery uses what they call a “Triple Terroir” philosophy. This trademarked term means the grain (distilled on-site), water, and oak are sourced from the farm. The new oak barrels that all the whiskeys hit first are made from trees harvested in Vermont. The theory is that the shorter growing season develops more growth rings in the trees, adding flavor to the whiskeys.

Piggy Back 6 year

100% Rye mashbill. Spicy with notes of cacao, vanilla, citrus and leather.

10 year 

Very bold and flavorful. Baking spices, butterscotch, vanilla, caramel, hint of mint

12 year 

Aged for 12 years in American oak and then finished in Madeira, Sauternes and Port barrels. Rich fruit and spice flavors. Rye spice, winter fruit, caramel, honey, dark chocolate finish


Option 2:  $12

High West Double Rye!

Blended rye that is aged a minimum of 2 years. Balance of rye spice and bright botanical notes. Cinnamon, gingersnaps, juniper, mint and wildflower honey.


95% rye. Spicy, but mellow; has notes of toffee, dried dark fruits, leather. Good option for rye-based cocktails (e.g. Manhattan)


Originally distilled in Maryland; purchased by Heaven Hill in the mid-2000s. Earthy, floral-forward, plenty of sweetness to balance the spice. Higher proof (110), yet very palatable. Cherry cola, vanilla, caramel and chocolate. 

Sazerac Antique: $45

All whiskeys in this flight are barrel proof and hail from the iconic Buffalo Trace distillery. 

William LaRue 

Barrel proof wheated bourbon. Aged just shy of 13 years; 124 proof. Dark fruit, musty oak, and sweet accents. Full bodied finish.

Thomas Handy Sazerac 

Barrel proof rye. Aged 6 years; 130 proof. Grounding base of raisin and tobacco hold up lots of spice and heat. Toffee, fig, mint, cinnamon, clove. Finish is long and warm.

George T. Stagg 

Robust and intense. 138 proof. Molasses, vanilla, nutty, dark berry, oaky.