As part of our constant and conscious effort to bringing the highest quality of steaks to your dining experience, we have meticulously selected our very own private label of beef in partnership with dedicated Black Angus cattle ranches of the Midwest and skillful butchery. To meet 1818 Reserve highest standards, our finished products go beyond the USDA CHOICE grading, and must meet our tight specifications for superior marbling and maturity. The result is unparalleled taste and tenderness that will elevate your dining experience.


From our Signature Angus Beef program to the bounty of the Sea we have you covered. Custom cut Beef, Pork, Chicken, House Made Sausages, Cured Meats and a wide array of fresh Seafood is available daily. Stop in today or order online. 

As one of the most popular cuts of beef, the Filet Mignon is famous for having a melt in your mouth texture and mild flavor.
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Filet Mignon

From the short loin, the Porterhouse contain the best of both worlds. Surrounding the bone you have our famous Filet Mignon as well as our New York Strip.
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Cut from the Short-Loin, this boneless cut possesses the deep beef flavor of the sirloin with the tender texture you’ve always loved.
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New York Strip

The Delmonico is the thick cut preperation of our Angus Ribeye. All Ribeyes are trimmed with the Rib Cap attached to provide deep flavor and texture.
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Thick Cut Delmonico

Steak Boxes

1818 Signature Steak Bundles
Have us vacuum seal your steaks and add an 1818 Signature Gift Box $5

All Steaks are Butchered, Frozen and Vacuum Sealed to Order and Include a Freezer Pack to Keep Cold During Transport.

No Substitutions, please inquire if you would like to add items to your box or
for custom “a la carte” items.

*Remove all raw seafood from the packaging before thawing

24 hour notice required

Filet Mignon

4 – 7oz Signature Angus Center Cut Filets
Herbed Garlic Compound Butter
Signature Steak Seasoning

Dinner and a Movie $165

1 – 14oz Signature Angus Boneless Ribeye
1 – 7oz Center Cut Filet Mignon
Signature Steak Seasoning
8pc Goat Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates
Bourbon Pomegranate Molasses
1 Peanut Butter Tower
1 750ml Belle Glos Pinot Noir

Signature Angus Triple Play $142

2 – 20oz T-Bones
2 – 7oz Center Cut Filet Mignon
2 – 12oz New York Strips


Porterhouse and T-Bone Tasting $98

2 – 26oz Porterhouse Steaks
2 – 20oz T-Bone Steaks

Bacon Wrapped Filet Box

4 – 7oz Center cut Filet Mignon $115
Wrapped in house cured/smoked bacon
Signature Seasoning
Herbed Garlic Compound Butter

Surf & Turf $160

2 – 7oz Center Cut Filets
2 – 7oz Cold Water Lobster Tails*
Herbed Garlic Butter
Signature Seasoning